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Foliar Insect Controls

The fastest way to control damaging insects is by direct spraying of the foliage. We carefully follow the labeled directions for every product we use, to insure a safe and effective application every time we visit your property. We guarantee if it rains within 1 hour of any spray a repeat application will be provided at no additional cost.

Foliar Disease Controls

If a plant has a recurring fungus issue a yearly treatment program can dramatically reduce this problem. A fungus issue cannot be eliminated after it manifests so all sprays need to be done as new growth emerges, with subsequent treatments every 14 days. A fungicide is a specific type of pesticide that controls fungal disease by specifically inhibiting or killing the fungus causing the disease.

Soil Injection Treatments

Soil injection or drench methods involve placing chemicals in liquid form near the roots in the soil for root uptake. This method is considered a closed system application, as there is no drift or unwanted exposure. The product goes directly into the root system of the treated plant with little impact to rest of the property. This is very helpful around fishponds or roadways where spraying is not possible.

Trunk Injection Treatments

This treatment is similar to soil injections but instead the chemical is applied directly into the tree. The chemicals then move into and through the tree mainly in the xylem. Both insecticides and fungicides can be applied in this manner. These types of treatments are more costly than spraying but can solve problems where spraying or soil access is not possible.

Subsurface Fertilizing

PHC for Trees is a highly dispersible product formulation that provides both chemical and biological fertility. It's chemically based elements address trees’ immediate nutritional needs, while it's beneficial microbes will help to sustain fertility over the long term. This treatment will enhance blooms and improve growth for the entire landscape. We use a high nitrogen mix in the spring and low nitrogen in the fall.

Leaf Shield Protection

Winter desiccation damage occurs when the amount of water lost through foliage exceeds the plant’s ability to take up water through the roots. Exposure to winter wind and sun increases the rate of water lost through transpiration, robbing the plant of essential leaf moisture needed for survival. Leaf Shield provides safe and effective protection against desiccation injury. It forms a protective barrier that seals leaf stomata to reduce moisture loss. LeafShield dries to a thin, waxy layer that protects foliage without discoloration.

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